Osaka City Government will participate

in 8th Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo.

We will hold seminar and set up a booth

to promote an attractive incentive to investment of Osaka.




March 1st[Wed]-3rd[Fri], 2017

​Tokyo Big Sight, JAPAN    Smart Energy Week2017

​8th Int'l Rechaegeable Battery Expo  EAST4hall  E37-35

Two companies with cutting-edge technology in Osaka that exhibit in Osaka city booth will also give presentations!!

  Osaka is a regional hub city in the Kansai

with the population of about 20 million and

the GRP of about 800 billion dollars.

In addition to the advantage on its developed  urban infrastructure, work force, funds and information for business activities have gathered in Osaka from home and abroad. In this exhibition, we will widely introduce its investment attractiveness of Osaka city.

osaka bayarea picture


We support foreign/domestic companies

 in setting up a new business in Osaka !

We support foreign/domestic companies

 in setting up a new business in Osaka !



We will support your expansion into Osaka ! !


Many storage battery and smart energy-related companies are concentrated in Osaka and the government supports for them developing the advanced technologies. Sakishima in the bay area is suitable for R&D site and testing and evaluating facilities for large-scale battery energy storage systems (NLAB) by National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) have been operated since 2016.


Two companies with cutting-edge technology in Osaka exhibit in Osaka city booth.


(Osaka city )

Shigehara Ink.


(Japanese site only)

(Japanese site only)

Li-ion battery module

Multistage transmission for electric vehicle

We will offer Li-ion battery module that meet the voltage and capacity you request.


We won three consecutive times All Japan EVraces series.

1. By combining highly reliable Japanese cell and Protection circuit (BMS) that developed by our company. We have been achieved result range between 1k - 40kWh.

 2. We have been developed a new protection circuit (BMS) using the latest protection IC.

 3. This module has been adopted by robots, electric cars, vehicles for races and wheelchairs.


1.Reducing power consumption of all vehicles that powered by motor.

 [Introduction example]

Electric cars,electric trucks,electric buses,electric ships etc.

 2.Contribution to cost reduction and weight reduction of vehicle development.

 3.Handling from design,production,and vehicle installation by using our high precision gear machine,3D shape processing,and high technical expertise of inspection.


Please come and see us if you are interested in starting up your business or reinvesting in Osaka.  We also welcome private inquires.

Map of our exhibition booth ↓↓

Booth location



Tokyo Big Sight hall map
Tokyo Big Sight EAST 4 hall map


DATE:March 1st[Wed] 13:40 - 14:40

Venue:B (EAST 4hall)


”The latest trend of environment and new energy industries, and the adventage of Osaka/Kansai enterprise.” (40min.)

Mr.Hideki Motai,

Business Development Dept. Deputy Director Senior Editor, Sangyo Times,Inc.

Presentations by enterprises with cutting-edge technology in Osaka. (20min.)

Micro Vehicle Lab.,Ltd.

Shigehara Ink.


EAST 4hall


Seminar Venue

EAST 5hall  B



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