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Huge Market and Economy

Huge Market and Economy (Osaka and Kansai)

A Major Market in Japan

Japan has the second largest economy in the world. The Kansai region is comparable to a major industrialized nation with a population of 21 million and GRP of US$712.1 billion (fiscal 2007).

GDP (nominal) of World’s Major Economies (YR2008)

Unit: billion US dollars

GDP (nominal) of World’s Major Economies (YR2008)

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A bird's-eye view of Osaka City
A bird's-eye view of Osaka City

Notes: The values shown represent the Kansai Region and Osaka City for fiscal year 2007; and the fiscal year 2007 Gross Regional Product for Osaka Prefecture.Yen-dollar exchange rates are monthly simple averages on the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market. (FY2007: US$1.00=\114.20)

Sources: Values for OECD members are based on data from OECD’s “OECD iLibrary.”Values for other countries are based on data from “Overseas Business Information” by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).Values for Kansai Region and Osaka Prefecture are based on data from each prefecture’s “Prefectural Accounts” and the value of Osaka City from Osaka City’s “City Accounts.”

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Source: “Outline of Osaka Economy” 2010, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications National Census

Kansai’s Top Companies and Fortune 500 Companies

Kansai is home to top global companies from the electric equipment, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and finance industries. Of the 68 Japanese companies on Fortune Magazine’s 2009 list of top 500 companies by revenue, 9 companies are based in the Kansai region and 6 are based in Osaka City.

  • Suntory (Food/Osaka City)
  • Asahi Kasei (Chemical/Osaka City)
  • Takeda Pharmaceutical
    (Pharmaceutical/Osaka City)
  • Sumitomo Electric Industries
    (Nonferrous Metals/Osaka City)
  • Sharp (Electric Equipment/Osaka City)
  • Keyence (Electric Equipment/Osaka City)
  • Kansai Electric Power (Energy/Osaka City)
  • Itochu Corp. (Commerce/Osaka City)
  • Nippon Life Insurance (Insurance/Osaka City)
  • Sumitomo Life Insurance (Insurance/Osaka City)
  • Panasonic (Electric Equipment/Osaka Pref.)
  • Sanyo Electric (Electric Equipment/Osaka Pref.)
  • Omron (Electric Equipment/Kyoto Pref.)
  • Kyocera (Electric Equipment/Kyoto Pref.)
  • Nintendo (Home Leisure Equipment/Kyoto Pref.)
  • Maruhan (Entertainment Facilities/Kyoto Pref.)
  • Nestle Japan (Food/Hyogo Pref.)
  • Procter and Gamble Japan (Chemical/Hyogo Pref.)
  • Eli Lilly Japan (Pharmaceutical/Hyogo Pref.)
  • Kobe Steel (Steel/Hyogo Pref.)

signifies companies selected for the FORTUNE GLOBAL 500 list.
Source: Fortune Magazine, “BINGO! KANSAI” pamphlet by JETRO