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【Business Meeting】International Accelerators/Investors & Japanese Startups/SMEs

International Accelerators/Investors & Japanese Startups/SMEs 
-Business meeting for your business growth and foreign expansion -

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<Date and Time>

14th March, 2019. (Thursday) 10:00 – 17:00


Osaka Innovation Hub (https://www.innovation-osaka.jp/access/)
7th Floor, Grand Front Osaka Tower-C,
3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011 Japan
Tel +81-6-6359-3004

<About this event>

☆You can talk with accelerators about your domestic/global business plan.

 As an endeavor to generate global innovations from Osaka, we will invite globally renowned accelerators (※) and will organize the meeting event with entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs operating in Japan, especially Kansai, Osaka area.
(※ Accelerators: Individuals/entities provide many kinds of supports for startups in order to accelerate their business growths.)
 All accelerators we will invite are internationally well recognized for their success in investments on and supports for Startups. This meeting event is an excellent chance to talk with them about your own business plan, about your global expansion prospects, or about the chance of getting investments from them.
 Your application is highly encouraged!!!

<Preferred Applicants>

Osaka/Kansai Entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs  who satisfy at least 1 of conditions below.

・Those who need mentoring from global perspective.
・Those who plan to expand business globally.
・Those who need investment from foreign accelerators
・Those who are interested in joining overseas acceleration programs.

※Should the number of application reach to the limit, applications will be directly accessed by accelerators for participation. In this case, the administrative office will contact ONLY to eligible applicants by 17:00, 28th February 2019. 

※Please submit your company’s general information in application. This will help accelerators make accurate and fair assessments. Administrative office will contact for further details if needed.


Rainmaking 【Accelerator】(Copenhagen./Denmark
Rainmaking launched the acceleration program called “Startup Boot Camp” since 2010, and currently has provided 16 programs in 13 cities globally.Their acceleration programs tend to set themes relevant to the city’s industrial structure, such as fin-tech, smart- transportation, retail-tech and food-tech, and involve local companies in financing and mentoring.

☆Target stage: Middle stage~, SMEs

☆Theme focused: Smart city & Living.

The Melbourne Health AcceleratorAccelerator&Venture Capital(Melbourne/Australia)

The Melbourne Health Accelerator has been operational since 2017. They have associated with more than 160 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand, and have been operating acceleration program specialized in health care.

☆Target stage: Seed stage, Early stage, Middle stage, SMEs

☆Theme focused: Degital Health, Health Innovation

RockstartAccelerator & Venture capital(Amsterdam/Holland)

Rockstart has provided acceleration programs focused on Web Mobile, AI, Smart-Energy, Digital-Health, and Food Agriculture fields since 2011. They also started the acceleration program called “Rockstart Impact” in Nepal and Myanmar, in order to solve urgent social challenges there.

Target stage: Seed stage , Early, stage

Theme focused: Degital health, Food tech, Other(Smart energy, AI, WEB/Mobile)

Golden Gate Ventures 【Venture Capital】(Singapore)

 Since 2011, Golden Gate Venture has  invested on more than 30 seed/early stage companies located in 7 Asian nations including Japan. They mainly focuses on e-commerce, smart payment, mobile apps, and Web Mobile fields. They are renowned for their mentoring capability guaranteed by entrepreneurial experience in silicon valley that 3 founders have. 

Target stage:  Early stage

Theme focused: Smart city, Degital health, Travel tech, Food tech, Sports tech
                        Others(Consumer Internet, Agritech, Fintech)

Green Pine Capital Partners 【Venture Capitial】(Shenzhen/China)

Green Pine Innovation is the accelerator belonging to the prominent venture capital "Green Pine Capital Partners".They mainly focus on early stage startups specializing in software development,artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and regenerative medicine, which account for 70% of their investments.Their fund size is estimated up to 12billion Chinese yuan (approximately 200 billion Japanese yen), and has invested on more than 300 projects, which resulted in listing 40 companies on stock exchanges.

Target stage: Seed stage, Early stage, Middle stage~, SMEs

Theme focused: Smart city, Digital Health, AI, Robot 

LMARKS 【Accelerator & Venture Capital】(London/the United Kingdom)

Established in 2012. They have organized matching events between startups and large companies pursuing intra-company innovation. (Main clients; BMW、Lloyds of London、Arsenal FC、EDF Energy, etc. )

☆Target stage:

☆Theme focused: 

<Language> English (with English-Japanese Interpretation)


○Hack Osaka 2019 Executive Committee  (Osaka City and Urban Innovative Institute)
○Ministry of Economy, Trade, Industry.
○Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).

<Fee> Free event

<Application>  Event registration ⇒  Apply Here


<Application Deadline>

Please apply before 28th February 2019 (Friday).

(Application will be closed once reached to the maximum number.)


The administrative office will contact ONLY to eligible applicants by 17:00, 7th. March 2019 (Thursday)


Administrative office:

Osaka International Business Promotion Center
International Affair Department  
Contact person: PHAM, CHEN
TEL:06-6615-7130  FAX:06-6615-5518  E-Mail:event@investosaka.jp