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List of New Companies in Osaka

  • Kawatek K.K.

    HUMAN ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES, an AI prosthetic limb and eye prosthesis developer and manufacturer, establishes a Japanese subsidiary in Osaka

  • CIRIOT Inc.

    Consulting Agency for Business Expansion, CIRIOT Inc., moved its Office to Osaka


    We interviewed Mr. Ri Toranori, CEO of DOUJIN SANGYO Co. Ltd., a specialist in semiconductor materials.

  • Acrelec Japan GK Osaka office

    France-based self-service kiosk equipment manufacturer and distributor Acrelec establishes Osaka office

  • Haier Group Japan Region

    Interview with Haier Group Japan Region CEO Jingguo Du

  • TST Japan K.K.

    Spain-based IoT device developer TST Sistemas establishes Japan subsidiary in Osaka

  • PEEL Lab K.K.

    Greentech Startup PEEL Lab Establishes Japanese Subsidiary in Osaka

  • KYT Co., Ltd.

    Tokyo-based translation and interpretation company KYT Co., Ltd. opens Osaka office

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