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Midosuji is Osaka and Kansai’s best recognized Avenue, stretching approximately 4 km in length and connecting Osaka’s northern gateway, Umeda, with its southern entrance at Namba. Along this street, you will find a concentration of many of Kansai’s most representative companies forming a business zone with the true character of a city center. Hommachi is located nearly midway along Midosuji Avenue and is an important point for transportation as many of the major highways and subway lines running in all directions through Osaka’s city center intersect here. Once the seat of Osaka’s main local industry of textiles, Hommachi has been known as one of Osaka’s representative business districts from long ago.

  • Hommachi/Shinsaibashi
  • Hommachi/Shinsaibashi

Bird's-eye view of Midosuji

In Hommachi, there is an area called ‘Semba’ that developed as the center of the textile industry in modern times and gave birth to numerous famous enterprises such as the Itochu Corporation, Marubeni, and Toyobo. Today, the headquarters of Unitika, and many other major corporations dealing in textiles are found centered on the textile wholesale districts of the Semba Center Building and Dobuikesuji.
Hommachi is also a popular business area that offers an elegant and refined landscape composed of enchanting nighttime scenery and a colonnade of Ginkgo trees, which line Midosuji Avenue and symbolize the thoroughfare. In 2010, the Hommachi Garden City complex, which houses offices, shops, restaurants, and a hotel, was opened at a site facing the Midosuji Avenue and Hommachi-dori Street, bringing an increased level of refinement, quality, and excitement to the area.
Shinsaibashi abuds Hommachi area to the south, and has developed as a major shopping area centered on the Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street and iconic Daimaru Department Store, which originated in the Kinki region. Along Midosuji Avenue, you will find world-famous brand-name stores and showrooms of luxury foreign cars that have made this Avenue one of Japan’s most distinguished ‘brand’ streets. With the opening of the large-scale underground shopping center, Crysta Nagahori, which runs approximately 860 m long east-to-west and connects Yotsubashi and Nagahoribashi subway stations, the area has become even more accessible and, thanks to the convenient distance between the business center of Hommachi and bustling shopping district of Shinsaibashi, is attracting increased attention in recent years as a functionally-diversified business area.

  • Hommachi Garden City
    Hommachi Garden City
  • Shinsaibashi Shopping Street
    Shinsaibashi Shopping Street