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A Depository of Knowledge &
Treasury of Talent

During the Edo era, Osaka was home to "the Kaitokudo"school for townsmen and"Tekijuku"school of western science – the leading such school at the time – and, as a center of scholarship, attracted aspiring students from various areas outside Osaka. Carrying on in this tradition, still today there are large numbers of rich enterprising minds produced here, and the vestiges of a many exceptional entrepreneurs can be discovered at Osaka’s Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation.

The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation

  University Junior College Technical College
Kansai 148 63 6
Osaka ()
in Osaka city
55(11) 25(8) 1
Osaka 34 13 1
Hyogo 37 17 2
Shiga 8 3 -
Nara 11 4 1
Wakayama 3 1 1

Source: 2016 Basic Report on Schools (preliminary figures)

In the Kansai area, including Osaka city, there are a total of 217 higher education institutions. Consisting of 148 Universities, 63 Junior colleges and 6 technical colleges, these institutions are home to approximately 620,000 students with 120,000 graduating each year.

Since the 2000’s, 6 Universities have opened within Osaka City, and in recent years numerous satellite campuses, which provide specialized business education services to working adults and others, have been established centered on the city center.

Universities opened in Osaka City since 2002

Year opened University name Faculty
2003 Osaka Seikei University, Junior College Faculty of Contemporary Management Information (currently, the Faculty of Management)
2004 Osaka Jogakuin University Faculty of International Studies and English
2006 Osaka University of Comprehensive Children Education Faculty of Child Care and Nursing
2007 Morinomiya Medical University Faculty of Health Sciences
2009 Osaka Health Science University Faculty of Health Sciences
2011 Osaka Graduate School of Healthcare Sciences, Jikei Institute Medical Safety Management Major

Major Satellite Campuses

1 Open University of Japan Osaka Learning Center 13 Osaka University Nakanoshima Center 25 Momoyama Gakuin University Umeda Satellite 37 International Buddhist University Abeno Harukas Satellite Campus
2 Kochi University of Technology Graduate School Osaka Satellite Campus 14 The Association of Universities Graduate School Satellite Campus 26 Josho Gakuen Osaka Center 38 Hannan University Abeno Harukas Campus
3 Osaka Sangyo University Umeda Satellite Campus 15 Osaka Institute of Technology Umeda Campus 27 Nagoya University of Commerce & Business, Business School Osaka Umekita Campus 39 Kansai University Umeda Campus “KANDAI Me Rise”
4 Kwansei Gakuin University Umeda Campus K. G. Hub Square Osaka 16 Doshisha University Osaka Satellite Campus 28 Ashiya University Osaka Campus 40 Tongji University Osaka Campus
5 Osaka Prefecture University I-site Namba 17 Osaka University of Commerce Satellite Campus 29 Kyoto University of Art and Design Osaka Satellite Campus 41 Osaka Institute of Technology Umekita Knowledge Center
6 Osaka Prefecture University Namba Satellite Classroom 18 Koyasan University Osaka Satellite Campus 30 Tenri University Satellite Office   Total 41 Institutes
7 Osaka Dental University Temmabashi Campus 19 Temple University Japan Campus Osaka Center 31 Kagawa University Satellite Office Osaka    
8 Kansai University Umeda Satellite Office 20 Kansai University of Welfare Sciences Satellite Classrooms 32 Kobe University Umeda Intelligent Laboratory    
9 Osaka City University Graduate School Umeda Satellite 21 Tezukayama University Osaka Satellite Campus 33 Sophia University Osaka Satellite Campus    
10 Ritsumeikan University Osaka Umeda Campus 22 Osaka University of Economics Kitahama Campus 34 Ryukoku University Osaka Umeda Campus    
11 Takarazuka Unviersity Osaka-Umeda Campus 23 Osaka Kyoiku University Tennoji Campus 35 Hiroshima University Admission Center Osaka Office    
12 Osaka University of Arts Sky Campus 24 Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University Osaka Campus 36 Osaka Ohtani University Harukas Campus    

The Kansai region is an industrial cluster composed of numerous universities, some of the world’s leading research institutes, and various support organizations for business and industry. Particularly in the fields of medicine, biotechnology, the environment and new energy, industries, universities, and government bodies have partnered together in actively advancing the practical application of cutting-edge technologies and creating and cultivating the human resources that support future innovation.

Examples of Academic Institutes and Industrial Clusters in Kansai Area