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Comprehensive Support

We offer the following services to domestic and overseas businesses and organizations with an interest in and concrete business plans for entering or re-investing in Osaka city. Entrusted with the task of attracting businesses to Osaka, IBPC Osaka’s Investment Promotion Project staff have employed their long history of achievements in providing investment support that meets your company’s needs.

  • Commercial Property Introductions (For Purchase/Lease)

    In addition to city-owned land, we provide information on privately-owned properties gathered through an extensive network of original routes, according to your needs and conditions. (Introductions on properties for both lease and purchase are available. Confidentiality will be strictly observed).

  • Provision of Information regarding Investment in Osaka

    Upon request, we offer information on the investment climate, market conditions, and seminars and conventions held in Osaka.

  • Assistance in Recruitment and Hiring

    Through our partnerships with private recruiting companies, we assist companies planning to invest in Osaka in finding the talent and staff they need. Upon request, we can also introduce recruitment departments and career development centers for educational institutions within the city and help with the smooth recruitment of newly graduated students.

  • Interpretation Services

    For foreign businesses looking to invest who need assistance in communicating in Japanese, we offer interpretation services to help you communicate and relay your business plans.
    (There is a limit to the expenses covered.)

  • Consultations on Investing and Introductions to Experts

    We are always available for consultations on corporate registrations, taxation, incentives, and more. We also provide introductions to experts such as judicial and administrative scriveners, certified tax accountants, etc.

  • Arrangement of Transportation while Receiving Investment Support

    Vehicles may be provided for transportation when inspecting a property, visiting a company for business talks, or receiving consulting.

  • Provision of Free Rent Offices

    Free rental offices are available for use up to 6 months. For further information, please visit the 'Free Rent Offices' page.

  • Arrangement of Business Matching with Existing Businesses in Osaka

    Upon request, we will arrange for Business Matching with existing businesses in Osaka.