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Centered on Shin-Osaka Station – Osaka’s hub for Shinkansen transport – Shin-Osaka is a robust business district located on the north side of the Yodo River, which separates it from the bustling Osaka Station area at Umeda. The area offers exceptional convenience for traveling throughout Japan which has created high demand among businesses looking for office space. And as Shin-Osaka is directly connected to the city’s major business districts and downtown areas found at Umeda, Yodoyabashi, Shinsaibashi, Namba and Tennoji through the JR and subway lines, it makes an excellent base for beginning business in Osaka. In recent years, this area has also seen a dramatic increase in new businesses particularly in industries related to new energies and life sciences.

  • Shin-Osaka
  • Shin-Osaka
    Shin-Osaka Station

The Yodogawa Ward, where Shin-Osaka Station is located, is home not only to the business districts surrounding the station but also to a collection of factories and head offices of small and medium-sized enterprises in the areas along the coast and Yodo River. The concentration and high technical ability of the companies found here give the area exceptional potential for business creation.

In March 2019, the northern section of the JR Osaka East Line opened and is now operating at Shin-Osaka Station. In addition, there are long-term large-scale plans such as the Hankyu Shin-Osaka connecting line, the Hokuriku Shinkansen, and the Linear Chuo Shinkansen, so there are great expectations for future development.