About locations in Osaka City

Q.1:What is the merit of locating business base in Osaka city?

A.1:Osaka has an enriched environment to start a new business. For details,
please see "Advantages of Osaka"

Q.2:Please tell us about the urban development / City Planning movement in Osaka.

A.2:In Osaka, large-scale urban development projects are taking place in various parts of the city including the downtown and the Bay Area.

For details, please refer to "Urban development projects".

Q.3:What kind of Incentives are there for the investing companies?

A.3:For the New Energy and Life Science-related companies which have made advancement in Osaka, reduction of local tax for a maximum of 10 years are prepared. Moreover, financial assistance for foreign companies to establish a operational base in Osaka and etc are offered.
For more details, please see"Business Incentives".

Q.4:Is there any incentives from Japanese national government?

A.4:The Japanese government and each ministries of the government offices are making various incentives to promote the direct investment of foreign corporations to Japan.
For details please refer to the following link from Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Q.5:Are there any business support program for the advancement of the busienss in Osaka?

A.5:Various services are offered even after investment by support agencies and etc.
For more Information, please refer to "Comprehensive Business Support Network".

Q.6:How can I get properties information for business development in Osaka?

A.6:Please contact us, as we offer property information according to your needs.
【Inquiry form for properties for business】

Support on Legal Procedures for the Business Establishment in Osaka

Q.7:What kind of support are there from Osaka City in terms of corporate registration and administrative procedures ?

A.7:We provide necessary information on corporate registration, legal, tax and labor-related prodecures and registrations. In addition, we can introduce appropriate specialists and organization for the smooth proceedings.

Q.8:Does Osaka City have any facilities to help prepare for establishment?

A.8:To support domestic and foreign companies which newly invest or reinvest in Osaka City, Osaka City provides free-rent office BSO (Business Support Office) located in the 4th floor of ATC Building (2-1-10, Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka ) operating 365 days a year .
For more details, please refer to BSO FAQ.

Q.9:What kind of support does Osaka City offer for personnel hiring, search for residential or business property?

A.9:"With the cooperation of real estate companies, we provide information on business properties and residential properties for your expatriate staff.

Until you find an appropriate property that satisfies your needs, we will arrange and accompany the chech-up tour to the potential property. All these arrangement and accompaniment is done free of charge.

With regard to the recruitment of the staff, not only we provide the basic information on the current recruiting market, we will also introduce both public organization and private recruitment agencies such as ""Hello Work"", a government employment agency, Industrial Employment Stabilization Center of Japan to assist you."

Investment of Foreign/foreign-affiliated companies in Japan

Q.10:What are the Investment options avaiable when investing in Japan?

A.10:"Generally, a foreign company establishes Japanese corporate body in the form of either branch office, subsidiary company or representative office.
Corporate bodies in the form of branch office and subsidiary company in Japan are permitted to conduct business activities such as manufacturing and sales, however the activities of representative offices are limited to information gathering and advertisement."

Q.11:For each form of advancement/investment to Japan what procedures are needed?

A.11:There are four types of business operation in Japanese corporation; Kabushiki-Kaisha (stock corporation), Godo-Kaisha (limited liability company (LLC)), Gomei-Kaisha(general partnership company) and Goshi-Kaisha (limited partnership company). Generally, foreign companies most commonly adopt Kabushiki-Kaisha.

Kabushiki-Kaisha (stock corporation ) is generally established in the following flow.
1.Determine and contract the location of a corporation
2.Preparing necessary documents for establishing a corporation
3.Authorization of article of incorporation by the Japanese notary public's office
4.Remittance of capital to the account of incorporator
5.Corporate Registration at Regional Legal Affairs Bureau
6.Registration complete
7.Submit Certificate of Corporate Registration to tax office, local tax office and Bank of Japan.

The Japanese branch office is generally established with the following flow.
1.Preparation of an ‘Affidavit’
2.Submission and approval of ‘Affidavit’ in the home country of the corporation
3.Registration of branch office establishment at Regional Legal Affairs Bureau
4.Branch establishment registration complete
5.Submission of corporate establishment notice to tax office, local tax office and Bank of Japan. For more details, please see Jetro “Laws & Regulations on Setting Up Business in Japan”

For more details, please see Jetro “How to establish a business in Japan”

Q.12:Is there any regulation on the minimum amount of the capital to establish a corporation (Japanese subsidiary)?

A.12:The establishment of a Japanese branch by a foreign-owned business does not require a contribution of funds. However, at present, when establishing a corporation a contribution of at least 1 YEN will be needed.
In addition, when establishing a corporation in Japan and its representative director applies for a visa for "management / investor" to the immigration bureau, it is necessary to invest capital of 5 million yen or more.

Q.13:What are the procedures to obtain a visa?

A.13:The flow of procedures for the acquisition of a work visa after a Japanese corporation or a representative office is established by a foreign company is generally as follows.

【Procedure in Japan】Application for granting certificate of eligibility (to Immigration Bureau in various parts of Japan) Principal or representative (administrative scrivener etc.)
【Procedure in Japan】Sending it to the principal or representative in Japan (from a Immigration Bureau in various parts of Japan) (In case of short-term stay, you may be able to apply for a work visa in Japan)
【Procedure in overseas country】Present a certificate of eligibility for residence at the overseas Japanese embassy and apply for a visa
【Procedure in overseas country】Visa issuance at overseas Japanese embassy
【Procedure in Japan】Entry into Japan and receive Residence card at local Immigration Bureau located in various places in Japan → Open personal bank account, contract mobile phone and etc.

For more information please see JETRO Homepage ("Visas and Status of Residence").

Q.14: In the case of establishing a corporation (Japanese subsidiary), is it necessary to employ a Japanese employee?

A.14:There is no particular regulation stating that a corporate business established in Japan must hire a Japanese employee. Corporations are free to choose who they decide to employ whether they may be foreigners in Japan or transferring employees from the parent company.

Q.15:Can you tell me some basic information on the Japanese taxation system, tax entry and tax rates?

A.15:Corporate tax, corporate inhabitant tax, businsess tax will be levied on the Corporate income. Tax rate or taxed amount varies depending on corporate size and total income.
For more information, please check the JETRO page on "Overview of Japanese corporate tax system for investment in Japan"

Q.16:Please tell me about the living environment in Osaka.

For detailed information, please refer to「Living in Osaka」.

Free-Rent Office "Business Support Office" (BSO)

Q.17:Are there any qualification requirement/examination for moving in?

A.17:The facility can be used by domestic and foreign companies or foreign government organizations who are interested in investment or reinvestment in Osaka City (limited to those who are officially registered as corporate entity or government organization in Japan or in overseas countries). In addition, we will examine the company’s investment plans before approval for the use of BSO.

Q.18:I am thinking of starting a business at BSO, would it be possible to use this facility?

A.18:Unless you are officially-registered corporate entity either in Japan or in overseas country, you are not eligible to use the facility.

Q.19:I am foreign resident who live in Osaka, and I am thinking of establishing corporate body in Osaka by the investment of my private capital. Am I eligible to use BSO ?

A.19:Unless you are officially-registered corporate entity either in Japan or in overseas country, you are not eligible to use the facility.

Q.20:Is it possible to use the address of BSO as a registered address of corporation establishment?

A.20:You can use BSO's address for the official corporate registration. However, as soon as you find your permanent office property (after completion of use period of BSO), please be sure to change the company registration address at Regional Legal Affairs Bureau.

Q.21:Please tell me about BSO's specifications, conditions & procedures to use BSO.

A.21:For detailed information, please see "Free-Rent office".If you have any questions, please contact us.

Q.22:I understand that room rent is free of charge. Is there any other expenses that is necessary to use BSO?

A.22:Telecommunication charges will be billed depending on actual usage.

Q.23:How can I visit and see BSO?

A.23:The office checkup and taking photos are available upon request to IBPC Osaka. (Please make an advanced appointment with IBPC Osaka via Inquiry Form.)

※IBPC Osaka: IBPC Osaka Investment Promotion Project is engaged in investment promotion activities of Osaka City as outsourcing agent of Osaka City. IBPC Osaka carries out supporting activities according to the needs of domestic and overseas companies that try to invest or re-invest in Osaka.

Q.24:Are there meeting spaces for visitors?

A.24:We have a meeting space in the shared office.

Q.25:Do you think I can submit "the Certificate of Approval for Renting the Business Support Office (BSO) " to Immigration Bureau as Real Estate Leasing Contract which is necessary for the application procedure of the status of residence?

A.25:The Certificate of Approval for Renting the Business Support Office (BSO) can not be used as the Real Estate Leasing Contract which is necessary for the application of the Status of Residence.