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“Business Support Office (BSO)”
A base for Preparation of Business Establishment in Osaka

Osaka City offers office space that can be used free of charge for up to 6 months to businesses and organizations looking to establish a business base within Osaka city. Please feel free to contact us anytime for the observation tour to the facility.

Overview of Business Support Office(BSO)


ATC ITM 4F, 2-1-10 Nanko-kita,
Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0034 Japan
(Directly-connected to Trade Center-mae Station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Nanko Port Town Line)

Period of use Will be renewed every two months (up to 6 months)
Office Hour 7:00 to 23:00 (Available 365 days of the year)
Rental Fee Free of charge. However, a security deposit is required before beginning usage. Fees for telephone calls, faxes, and other telecommunication services will be billed separately. Coin-type copy machine is available at common space.
Security Deposit

A security deposit must be delivered to IBPC Osaka before using the facilities.

Period of Use Security deposit
Less than 30 days 20,000 yen
30 days or more 50,000 yen
Damage to the office space or office furnishings as well as unpaid telecommunication services will be deducted from the security deposit, with the remainder returned without interest at the end of the contract.
Office Specifications

Office Specifications

Room Type Recommended occupancy Equipments
Room A(about 10㎡) 1person Desk&Chair (1 set)、Locker(1)、Conference desk(3persons)、Coat Hanger 、Unbrella Stand、Telephone、FAX、LAN
Room B(about 10㎡) 1~2persons Desk&Chair(2 sets)、Locker(1)、Conference desk(3persons)、Coat Hanger 、Unbrella Stand、Telephone、FAX、LAN
Room C(about 10㎡) 1person Desk&Chair(1 set)、Locker(1)、Conference desk(4persons)、Coat Hanger 、Unbrella Stand、Telephone、FAX、LAN
Room D(about 27㎡) 2persons Desk&Chair(2 sets)、Locker(2)、Conference desk(6persons)、Coat Hanger 、Telephone、FAX、LAN
Room E(about 36㎡) 2persons Desk&Chair(2 sets)、Book shelf(1)、Closet(1)、Reception set (6persons) 、Telephone、FAX、LAN
Room F(about 20㎡) 2persons Desk&Chair(1 set)、Armed Chair(1)、Locker(2)、Conference desk(6persons)、Spare Chair(2)、Telephone、FAX、LAN
Room G(about 20㎡) 1person Desk&Chair(1 set)、Locker(2)、Conference desk(4persons)、Coat Hanger 、Telephone、FAX、LAN
Shared fixtures Copying Machine、individual Locker、Vaccum Cleaner

*The phone and fax numbers for each room are fixed and cannot be changed.

Terms of use
  • 1.Must be a domestic or international company/organization or a foreign governmental agency that is interested in reinvesting or establishing a business base in Osaka City through setting up a private business establishment, etc.
  • 2.Must be officially-registered corporation/organization either in Japan or overseas (Private businesses without corporate status either in Japan or their home country are not eligible).
  • 1.Inquiry to INVEST OSAKA (:* currently the inquiries are handled by IBPC Osaka.)
  •    ↓
  • 2.Consultation with IBPC Osaka regarding business development plan in Osaka and BSO checkup.
  •    ↓
  • 3.Submission of application form and required documents
    *Required documents: 1) Copy of Company Registration, 2) Company Profile or Pamphlets, etc.
  •    ↓
  • 4.Screening Examination ( Takes approximately 1-2 weeks)
  •    ↓
  • 5.Approval (issuance of approval for the use of BSO)
  •    ↓
  • 6.Start Using BSO (Deliver of room key and orientation)

Inquiry about BSO

For inquiries on availability and application, please contact us from the below inquiry form.

Availability Information

Please refer to the following table for availabilities.
For more detailed of room availabilities, please contact IBPC Osaka.

IBPC Osaka Investment Promotion Project
Email: info■
TEL: +81-6-6615-7130

Reference : Provision for the Use of BSO (Download)

Room Availability
RoomA Not Available
RoomB Not Available
RoomC Vacant
RoomD Not Available
RoomE Vacant
Share Office (6 booths)
RoomF Not Available
RoomG Not Available