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Exceptional Convenience and Urban Infrastructure,
Advantageous Business Costs

Located in the heart of Japan, Osaka City features an extensive transportation network offering convenient access by land, sea, or air.
The city’s robust transport infrastructure acts as a hub connecting not only to Japan’s major metropolises but also to cities throughout Asia and the world, making it an optimal location for tourism, logistics, and setting up a company.

Global Network

Opened in 1994, Kansai International Airport is a world-class international airport operating 24 hours a day and positioned as Japan's western gateway. In the summer of 2023, a new record was set with 631 flights per week*1 to 30 cities around the world. Offering an extensive international network, Kansai International Airport is one of the major pillars supporting Japanese industry and international distribution.


With a network of 301 regular container services per month, the Port of Osaka is connected with leading ports around the world including North America, Australia, Asia, and about 2.1 million containers are handled at the container terminals in Yumeshima and Sakishima.In particular, an extensive container service network is established with ports in Asia including Southeast Asia and China. Among them, Shanghai, which takes up 20% of the Port of Osaka’s trades, shows a major presence, and there are 78 services per month between two ports. The Port of Osaka, serving as the gateway in Western Japan, delivers daily necessities and clothes and other products essential for people’s lives and industries in the hinterland.*2

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Domestic Network

Domestic Network

With regard to the domestic transportation, Osaka has a well-developed transport network of airlines, railways and roads and highways that eventually provide convenient access to each area of Kansai and all major cities throughout Japan.
Kansai International Airport (KIX) offers 76.5 daily flights to 15 cities, and Osaka International Airport (ITM) offers 185 daily flights to 27 cities*.
Osaka’s densely-concentrated road and railway network is one of the best in Japan along with Tokyo, and extensive land transportation such as Shinkansen lines and expressways bring extremely convenient circumstances to business and everyday life.

*Kansai Airports “Actual schedule during peak winter season in FY2023”

Advantageous Business Costs

Osaka City has an exceptional social infrastructure for supporting economic activities. While providing an environment abounding in business opportunities, Osaka also offers an overwhelming advantage in terms of cost compared to Tokyo.
Keeping down fixed costs such as rent, land prices and labor costs contributes greatly to a business's continued success. Businesses can save approximately 34% on office rent and 14% on labor costs (average wages) in Osaka as compared to Tokyo.