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An Environment of
Startups & Innovation

Turn Osaka into an innovative city offering chances
and attracting people and ideas.

―“The declaration of Osaka innovation” February 2013, Mayor of Osaka―

Osaka city is an energetic and attractive city boasting of a huge potential for an innovation.
We are totally open to those who wants to start a new business and join us to innovate the city.

Osaka has a potential for innovation.
Innovation comes from an interaction of passion between people, as well as between companies.
Together with private companies, Osaka city established “hubs”, such as Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH), to provide an opportunity to connect these players one another. By this, we are paving the way to build a place and a network where people can enjoy “co-creation” without any boundaries.

Besides, the Umekita area phase 2 development (appx.17ha) is scheduled to be completed in 2024, which will lead to an urban greenery and a -citizen-participating innovation.

OSAKA-KANSAI-JAPAN EXPO will be held in 2025 under the theme of “Designing Future Society For Our Lives” at Yumeshima. This expo will solve common problems for the human-race by gathering and exchanging wisdom globally , which leads to co-creation and dissemination of innovation to the world.

We are waiting you at "Innovation City Osaka", where you meet opportunities.