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An Environment of
Startups & Innovation

As a commercial city, Osaka has produced numerous highly enterprising entrepreneurs and helped create various new and unique products and businesses that are today world-renowned brands. In recent years, while placing importance on innovation and speed in the world of business, Osaka has been undertaking various measures to attract capital, information, and talent both domestically and abroad in order to build an environment (innovation, ecosystems) of constant innovation.

Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH)

The Osaka Innovation Hub is a base for supporting new innovations where technologists and entrepreneurs competing in the global market come to gather and exchange ideas. Based on the theme of “from Osaka to the World”, each year around 200 programs are held to help business scale up their operations. OIH offers support to a variety of companies and individuals for developing new businesses, forming new communities, and discovering new talent. Here, we work to create a feedback loop (Innovation Ecosystems) for Kansai, where entrepreneurs are born, cultivated, and made successful before going on to lead the next generation of entrepreneurs. Since its opening in 2013, the number of visitors and events held at OIH have been steadily increasing, and overseas universities and municipalities from around Japan have come to observe its programs.

Global Innovation Conference - Hack Osaka

Every year Global Innovation Conference - Hack Osaka is held with the aim of building a global business network.
Renowned entrepreneurs and business accelerators from around the world come to offer lectures, take part in panel discussions, and oversee international pitch contents to help spread this innovative movement from Osaka to overseas.

OIH Seed Acceleration Program

The OIH Seed Acceleration Program works to accelerate the realization of new businesses by coordinating partnerships with major corporations and "seed accelerator" iniatives and offering appropriate mentoring to start-ups in their initial or seed phases of business development.

Pitch Event

Pitch Event

For this event, participants present their business venture to investors, major corporations, and media organizations in hopes of attracting capital and new partnerships. The event aims to support the venture’s development as well as encourage further innovation in major corporations.

Overseas Workshop

Overseas Workshop

This workshop sends students and young entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business to the world’s leading capital of innovation, Silicon Valley. The program lets attendees experience practical research and training on the frontlines of actual overseas markets.

Collaborative efforts of industry, academia and government

Building off the gains made by university research and technology, industrial and academic institutions have partnered together to aid in R&D in order to advance the practical application of these achievements.

IoT Business Creation Program

A support program (entry based) is being implemented at iMedio Software Industry Plaza located at Nanko ATC Building for incubating entreprenuers that are looking to establish and develop new companies and businesses through products or services employing IoT technology. Seminars are also being offered to companies and enterprises interested in entering the IoT industry along with events for increasing business opportunities.

By capitalizing on the strengths found in the corporations and research institutes engaged in the promising field of green life sciences, among others, Osaka and Kansai are working to create new innovations. This is being achieved with the comprehensive support of local and national governments with the aim of increasing the region’s international competitiveness.

Strengthening international competitiveness through a Special Zones System

Osaka actively promotes the R&D and commercialization of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals and medical devices and in forming an international city with the business infrastructure for attracting motivated talent has been designated as:
・a National Strategy Zone (all of Osaka City)
・Kansai Innovation Comprehensive Global Strategic Special Zone (Osaka Station Area, Yumeshima, Sakishima, and the Hanshin Port Areas)
As such, businesses here that have been certified by the government are entitled to special measures on business regulations as well as governmental financial and tax support.
In addition, within the Kansai Innovation Comprehensive Global Strategy Special Zone, enterprises that have been certified as leading businesses in the New Energy field and Life Science field are eligible to receive benefits on municipal and prefectural taxes along with support from Japanese government. (0% for up to 5 years + 1/2 for an additional 5 years)

Osaka Prefecture Battery Strategy Research Center

This prefectural organization centers on experts from the private sector and, through partnerships with the national government, business organizations, universities, and research institutes, carries out activities directed at generating new businesses in the field of new energy and inviting new business into Osaka. The center provides experimental demonstration fields and promote business entry to the field related to storage batteries and hydrogen/fuel cells. It also offers consultations on various technical issues and topics.

Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building
(Sakishima Cosmo Tower)
25F, 1-14-16, Nankokita,Suminoe-ku,Osaka 559-8555
within the Osaka Prefecture Department of Commerce, Industry and Labor
TEL: 06-6210-9269

Functional Expansion of PMDA Kansai Branch

PMDA (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency) Kansai Branch is located at Grand Front Osaka which is located in front of Osaka Station.This facility offers a variety of consultation services to universities, research institutes, and business ventures concerning pharmaceutical matters encountered during R&D. By connecting with the Tokyo headquarters through a video conference system, it is possible to receive direct advice on clinical trials, pharmaceutical strategies and other matters, making the Kansai Branch a one-stop consultation service covering a wide range of pharmaceutical subjects from initial development to clinical testing.

Osaka Top Runner Project

The Osaka Top Runner Project identifies and certifies corporate projects which aim to commercialize the products and services that are expected to create new demand in the medical, nursing, and healthcare fields and provides continuous support in turning these certified projects into businesses.