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Yumeshima is an artificial island of approximately 390ha reclaimed in the Osaka Bay area from gravel and sand generated at construction sites within the city. Home to one of the biggest container terminals in Japan with routes connecting to major ports around the world, this area offers exceptional highway and road access to the entire Kansai region, whether heading to the city center, Kansai International Airport, Kyoto, or Kobe.
Today, the city is under the consideration of Yumeshima development draft plan and is gathering ideas from private corporations in hopes of attracting industries leading the way in creating new technologies and services and establishing a base for international tourism to encourage overseas investment in the area. Yumeshima has also been designated as a special zone (Kansai Innovation Comprehensive Global Strategic Special Zone) by the government, offering businesses who meet specific conditions a variety of support and services, including tax incentives, when investing here.

Yumishima Container Terminal
Yumishima Container Terminal

Future of Yumeshima
~Yumeshima Development Concept~

On 4th August 2017, the committee consists of Osaka prefecture government, Osaka City government and economic communities in Kansai region formulated "the Yumeshima Development Plan", which dictates policies regarding area development of Yumeshima as a whole, creation of tourism centers, land use and other relevant matters.

Materials provided by: Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
Materials provided by: Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry

The site for World Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan

Member States of the BIE elected Osaka as the host city of World Expo 2025 during the General Assembly of the BIE held in Paris, France in November 2018.
Yumeshima is the planned site for World Expo. The government, Osaka prefecture, city of Osaka, and business community will work together to promote the preparation of World Expo 2025.