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Sakishima Cosmosquare

  • Sakishima Cosmosquare

Building on a long history of exchange and trade with Asia, the public and private sectors have joined together in developing the waterfront of Osaka bay in order to create a global base for business that utilizes this ideal location for research centers, R&D facilities, and offices. The Cosmosquare District is part of Sakishima (approx. 1,054ha) – an artificial island developed in the 1970's – and offers a well-organized infrastructure and convenient access with a location just 20 minutes by car or train from Osaka’s city center and 40 minutes by car from Kansai International Airport, Kansai’s ‘gateway’ from overseas. Looking to create a base for business and R&D, this area has been constantly developing.

Overview of Cosmosquare Area of Sakishima

  • ATC
    Asia and Pacific Trade Center Building (ATC)
  • NLAB, the world's largest facility for testing and evaluating large-scale storage battery systems
    National Laboratory for advanced energy storage technologies(NLAB) of The National Institute of Technology and Evaluation(NITE)

This 154-hectare area offers an exceptional environment that capitalizes on the surrounding waterfront views and abundant greenery and accommodates housing, a convention center, hotels, governmental organizations, a university, research centers, show rooms, and data centers, as well as the headquarters and research facilities of advanced technology development corporations.

This area is also working to attract various industries related to new energies and the life sciences and, with establishment of the world's largest facility for testing and evaluating large-scale storage battery systems (NLAB) at the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation Technology (NITE) in summer of 2016, even more business development and activities can be expected in this area in the future.