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Osaka Station District

Osaka Station District

The Osaka Station district-centering on the JR Osaka Station area-is the busiest junction in western Japan, with 2.5 million passengers using stations per day. The renovation of department stores and construction of new landmarks with offices and theater facilities are underway. In the Umekita area, a complex named Grand Front Osaka opened in April 2013 ahead of other development projects. Knowledge Capital, the core facility of this complex, has been serving as a spawning ground for brand-new products and services thanks to the latest technology and information available there as well as opportunities to mingle with different people. The Umekita Second Phase Town Development Area is seeing its infrastructure improved, with JR railway lines put underground and a new station created with the goal of ramping up this area's function as a gateway to Asia. Also, this area has secured open green space which is also designed to serve disaster relief purposes. Other various redevelopment projects are in progress in the Kansai Innovation International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone, too.

Osaka Station District

Area Management of Osaka Station District

In 2009, four companies - JR West, Hankyu Corporation, Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd., and Grand Front Osaka TMO General Incorporated association - launched the Umeda Area Management Alliance. In April 2021, Osaka Metro will join this project to develop area management in the Umeda district. In aiming for the sustainable development of the Umeda District, this partnership of companies operating large-scale facilities near Osaka Station has increased the entire area’s competitiveness as well as its ability to attract visitors and the overall strength of the region.
In addition to the Umekita Area centered on the recently-developed Grand Front Osaka and the Osaka Station District centered on Osaka Station City, the following three areas led the way in the development of the Osaka Station area.

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  • Nishi-Umeda Area

    Nishi-Umeda Area

    Nishi-Umeda, nicknamed 'Osaka Garden City', is an area of about 10 hectares created through a redevelopment project centered on the former National Railways Umeda Freight South Yard that today serves as a center for culture, international events, and information. Here, you will find Herbis Osaka, Herbis ENT, the Ritz Carlton Hotel and various large office buildings, which are connected by a green and amenity-packed underground passageway known as 'Garden avenue'. By operating and maintaining these public spaces together with the surrounding buildings, the Nishi-Umeda Area is working to achieve urban development befitting an area that is the front door to Osaka.

  • JR Osaka Station South Area(Diamond District)

    JR Osaka Station South Area(Diamond District)

    This 10.7 ha block encompassed by the Osaka Station Front Line, National Route 2, and Midosuji and Yotsubashisuji Avenues goes by the name "Diamond District" due to its five-sided shape. Here, companies and organizations representing each block have come together as the Osaka Diamond City Association to carry out discussions and consider various measures for promoting and developing the entire district.
    In addition, in the northeastern part of this area, a rebuilding project (Umeda 1-1 Project) by Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. and Hankyu Corporation is underway. The Dai Hanshin Building where the Hanshin Department Store’s Umeda Main Store was located and the office building, the Shin Hankyu Building, were rebuilt into Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South in an integrated manner and opened in spring 2022. At the same time, the Umeda Hankyu Building where the Hankyu Department Store’s Umeda Main Store and offices were located, are now called Osaka Umeda Twin Towers North. Those two adjacent buildings are collectively called the Osaka Umeda Twin Towers.
    Osaka is working to create a comfortable and top quality urban area that will contribute to strengthening international competitiveness.

  • Hankyu Umeda Station /Chayamachi Area

    Hankyu Umeda Station /Chayamachi Area

    In recent years, this area has seen numerous buildings opening through a succession of redevelopment and reconstruction projects. Employing the Act on Special Measures concerning Urban Renaissance, the Umeda Hankyu building, composed of the Hankyu Department Store and various offices, received an 800% easing of regulation on floor area ratio before its grand opening in autumn of 2012. Accompanying this reconstruction, pedestrian traffic flow centered on above and below ground concourses was re-conceptualized in order to improve movement between facilities in the surrounding area. The Chayamachi area, which provides visitors the chance to enjoy both shopping and strolling around town, is also quite unique for Umeda and Osaka at large. Centering on the NU Chayamachi shopping mall, various facilities in this area such as Umeda Loft, Mainichi Broadcasting, Umeda Arts Theater, and nearby hotels have partnered together in a wide range of events in working to promote and enliven this entire area.