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Located at the southern gateway to Osaka, the Namba/Minatomachi area is a hub for the exchange of people, information, and culture, taking advantage of its location as a major transportation hub directly connected to Kansai International Airport. In addition to JR lines and Nankai Electric Railway, which provide access to Nara and Wakayama, Osaka Metro, Kinki Nippon Railway, and Hanshin Electric Railway also serve the area. The area is called "Minami" in contrast to the "Kita" area around Osaka Station and Umeda, and is a bustling commercial and tourist center.

  • Dotonbori
  • Namba Station
    Namba Station
  • Namba Parks
    Namba Parks
  • Minatomachi River Place
    Minatomachi River Place

The Namba/Minatomachi area offers various locations for experiencing Osaka’s rich history such as Hozenji Yokocho – an alley filled with the spirit of traditional Osaka – and the National Bunraku Theater, where one can enjoy traditional Japanese culture through Japanese Puppet Theater performances and more. In addition to this, the area centering on the Dotonbori and its surroundings is home to continuously emerging new cultures and is animated by the exchanges, movement, and transmission of information between young visitors and overseas tourists. And thanks to recent development projects, the area has been gathering much attention as a commercial center as well.

The Namba area sits at the end of Osaka City’s main street, Midosuji Avenue, and has developed into a major commercial area centering on the Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street, Takashimaya Department Store, and the terminal stations of numerous railway lines. Various commercial facilities serving as landmarks to the area, such as Namba Parks and Namba City, are located here, and development projects centered on these and running along the lines of the terminal stations are now underway. All of this is contributing to the further prosperity of the area.

The west side of the Namba area, called Minatomachi, is a base for transmitting the new youth-driven trends and information of Osaka Minami and home to facilities such as the Minatomachi River Place, which houses concert halls, offices, commercial facilities and more. In addition to the docking points for cruises operating on the Dotonbori river that adjoins the area’s outdoor event space, there is a riverside promenade lined with hip restaurants and cafes, providing visitors with a perfect spot to rest.