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-Osaka Workshop -Business Opportunities in Osaka’s Tourism and Entertainment Industry- (11 October 2022)

Velodash, a leading cycling startup from Taiwan, had a successful POC under the internationally renowned accelerator program “Startup Boot Camp scale Osaka”. Realizing a business potential of Osaka, they opened their branch here.
This is a remarkable success case, and we would love companies across the world to follow Velodash’s path.
We have invited Mr. Taiki Sekiguchi, the head of Velodash Japan, to delve into his business outlook of Osaka,
his reasons for choosing Osaka as his business location, and the opportunities he sees in the city.
Mr. Brian Lim, the leader of Rainmaking Innovation Japan, will then tell you all about the innovation ecosystem in Osaka, its challenges and opportunities, that followed by Ms. Hiroko Nishiyama who will brief on NPO Seitaikai, an organization bridging Osaka-Kansai’s industries and academics.

Moreover, We have also prepared a panel discussion / Q&A session, so you can get even more concrete and practical information
Overall, we would like to provide you with some insight on business opportunities in Osaka's tourism and entertainment sectors that might contribute to your business developments.
◆Date and time: 11, October, 2022, 15:00-16:00 (JST)
◆Venue: Online (Zoom)
◆Language: English
◆Program:(Open to change)
①Companie’ briefing
-Mr. Taiki Sekiguchi, / Velodash Japan
-Mr. Brian Lim/ Rainmaking Innovation Japan
-Ms. Hiroko Nishiyama, Non Profit Organization SEITAIKAI
②Panel discussion/Q&A
◆Registration Here↓↓↓
◆Registration deadline:4th October, 2022
◆Inquiry:Osaka International Business Promotion Center, International Affairs Department
 Contact person:Pham, Matsuba
   TEL:06-6615-7130 Email:event@investosaka.jp