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J-SAT Consulting Co, Ltd

Consulting Company Specializing in Myanmar, J-SAT Consulting Co, Ltd
Domestic support set in full swing after the establishment of a Japan-based office

J-SAT Consulting Co, Ltd is an organization based in Yangon which has been specialized in and committed to business with Myanmar since 1996. Using the years of experience we have cultivated with respect to Myanmar’s commercial practices, we have been providing comprehensive support for business advancement into Myanmar such as research, business matching, providing arrangements for visitations, company registration, management, and human resources support, and have supported the advancement of over 350 companies so far. In recent years, as a specialist in human resources dispatch/introductions, we have been engaging in dispatch/introduction of Japanese enterprises that have developed into Myanmar; we have also started support for enterprises in Japan that are suffering from lack of personnel by cultivating nursing/engineering human resources through our new and unique human resources cultivation program. 
J-SAT Consulting Co, Ltd. has also established a base in Osaka on September of 2016, as a base of support for human resources that have been dispatched to Japan. For its establishment, we utilized the Business Support Office (BSO) that is being managed and operated by the City of Osaka and IBPC Osaka.

Company Name J-SAT Consulting Co, Ltd
Representative CEO: Mitsuru Nishigaki
Address Shin-Osaka Hankyu Bldg. 3F, 1-1-1 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
URL http://www.j-sat.jp/
Established On September 1st, 2016
Capital 5,000,000 JPY
Business Details Various forms of consultation specializing in Myanmar. Provides human resources support for Japanese enterprises looking to develop into Myanmar, and provides human resources dispatch from Myanmar to Japan, etc.
※As of December 2017