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Businesses in Osaka


Kondo Honey Factory

A long-established store that has continued its practice of “traveling beekeeping”
— Kondo Honey Factory  has opened a branch store in Osaka.

Kondo Honey Factory Ltd., which was established in 1909, is a bee farm in Oita prefecture that has continued its practices in “traveling beekeeping” with bees which are dwindling in Japan. We travel with our hive boxes from Oita in the south and Hokkaido in the north.
Differences in the honey collection area and the honey collection period give rise to a wide variety of honey. Kondo Honey Factory sells domestically-produced honey collected from various flowers and precious honey imported from trusted overseas producers, as well as unique processed honey items that we developed ourselves, such as drinks and seasoning. These items are sold in department stores and on our online site. 
Kondo Honey Factory established a branch store in Osaka’s Tennoji in 2017. Tennoji is an area that has a well-prepared transportation infrastructure that allows no-transfer, smooth access by train or bus to the “gateway” of Osaka, such as the Shin-Osaka Station, the Kansai International Airport, and the Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport). Kondo Honey Factory provides product samples in its Osaka branch store, and aims to make this location a base for domestic and overseas advancement.


Company Name Kondo Honey Factory Ltd.
Representative CEO: Nariaki Kondo
Address of HQ 2252-1 Yamaga-machi Oaza Mukuno, Kitsuki, Oita
URL http://www.832.co.jp/
Founded In 1909
Established In April of 1988
Capital 3,000,000 JPY
Business Details Beekeeping business, manufacturing and sales of honey/royal jelly/processed items
Osaka Branch Kondo Honey Factory Ltd., Osaka Branch
Link House Tennoji Bldg. Room 301, 2-3-2 Osaka, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
※As of December 2017