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Shingi-fusaya Realty Inc., Osaka branch

 "Our faith is founded on the bridges that we build between people."


Shingi-fusaya Realty Inc.  is a Japanese subsidiary established in Tokyo on December of 2009, by Sinyi Realty Inc. , a major Taiwanese real estate broker, in order to respond to Japanese real estate investment demands in the Greater China areas such as Taiwan.

Initially, Shingi-fusaya Realty Inc. conducted real estate introductions, provided operational advice, made contracts, hand-overs, and follow-ups focused on the 23 wards in Tokyo; however, in order to also respond to demands by investors for real estate in Osaka and Kansai, we established an Osaka branch in September of 2016 in Osaka’s Namba. 

As a result of diligently striving under our motto of “providing our customers with reliable and safe business,” our business in Japan has steadily grown to become a company with a total of more than 70 employees, including our associated companies.

In this current status, where the number of overseas tourists visiting Japan is growing year by year, foreign investors who are interested in Japanese real estate investment are also increasing. Shingi-fusaya Realty Inc. will continue to work to respond to our customers’ trust and hopes as a bridge between Japan and Taiwan. 


Company Name Shingi-fusaya Realty Inc., Osaka branch
Representative Tai Todoroki
Address Hulic Namba Bldg. 8F, 4-4-1 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka
URL http://www.sinyi.cojp/Default.aspx   (Shingi-fusaya Realty Inc.)
http://www.sinyi.com.tw/  (Sinyi Realty Inc. HQ)
Established On September 16th, 2016
Business Details Sales and associated management of real estate, consulting business

※As of December 2017