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Businesses in Osaka


Seiyo International Human Resources Information Services Co., Ltd.

"We support the introduction of Vietnamese technical trainees!"  


Seiyo International Human Resources Information Services Co., Ltd.  is a Japanese subsidiary that was established in Hirano-ku, Osaka on September of 2016 by Seiyo International Co., Ltd. , which has its headquarters in Taiwan. 

“Seiyo International,” the parent company, has been involved in dispatch of Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and Filipino workers to Taiwan for 25 years. It has accumulated a wealth of experience and know-how with respect to acceptance and management of overseas workers. 
We developed into Osaka at this time in order to apply the business experience we gained in Taiwan to our business in Japan, so that technical trainees from overseas can work at ease in Japan together with their employers (Japanese enterprises). We are also hoping to provide another option for the resolution of issues such as personnel shortage and increased labor costs in Japanese enterprises’ production sites. 
The biggest reason that we chose Osaka as our advancement destination is because Osaka is home to many SMEs, which are our targets for support. The various support we received from the City of Osaka in our process of advancement, such as free provision of a Business Support Office (BSO), support in creating a company bank account, and provision of relevant business information, was incredibly helpful to starting our business in Japan. 

Photo of a Vietnamese Training School for Technical Trainees

Company Name Seiyo International Human Resources Information Services Co., Ltd.
Representative 葉淑梅
Address 1-1-5 Hirano Uemachi, Hirano-ku, Osaka
Established On September 6th, 2016
Capital 20,000,000 JPY
Business Details Dispatch of Vietnamese technical trainees and overseas workers to Japan, support for Japanese visa acquisition process, and housing mediation services after arriving in Japan.
※As of December 2017