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Cross-boundary E-commerce site for China, “JAPAN MALL”
PHT JAPAN, a limited liability company for operational management, has been established in Osaka!


Heiwado Co., Ltd. is a complex comprised of a department store and an office that was opened in China’s Hunan province by Heiwado, a general supermarket established in Shiga prefecture. Since its opening in 1998, it has become a representative enterprise in the region with 4 facilities for its operation.
Heiwado started its online sales business by establishing an e-commerce site in 2012 to respond to current changes in China’s retail market. Heiwado worked to differentiate itself from other e-commerce sites as a Japanese enterprise through direct import from Japan and developing unique supplier routes, and has steadily expanded its business performance.
In May of 2017, it opened a cross-boundary e-commerce site, “JAPAN MALL,” which allows customers in China to buy Japanese products using e-commerce. 
“JAPAN MALL” posts popular and high-value Japanese products targeting not only existing Heiwado customers, but also customers from all over China. Products available on the site were initially expanded with a focus on cosmetics, baby products, lifestyle-related products, and apparel; in the future, Heiwado plans to expand the site’s product lineup with health foods and general foods as well. 

PHT JAPAN LLC. conducts recruitment for vendors as well as domestic operational management as a base of activities in Japan for Heiwado Co., Ltd. We provide support to Japanese enterprises with respect to new market developments by providing seminars on cross-boundary e-commerce, conducting business meetings on opening stores, creating virtual stores, and providing related services such as management of sales and distribution. 


Company Name PHT JAPAN LLC.
Representative Representative: Heiwado Co., Ltd. / Executive Staff: Masakiyo Sudani
Address Green Bldg. 4F, 3-2-7 Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
URL http://pht-jp.com/
Established On January 10th, 2017
Business Details ・Retail, wholesale, and export work for commodities, cosmetics, apparel, home electrical appliances,etc. 
・Operation and representative work for the online shopping site 
・Support and consulting work for online shopping 
・Support and consulting work regarding overseas investment and advancement 
・Support and consulting work regarding investment and advancement by overseas enterprises
※As of December 2017