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Businesses in Osaka

Businesses in Osaka


Bluetech Japan Inc.

Bluetech Japan has opened an Osaka branch.
-To protect valuable assets by building diagnosis



Bluetech Japan Inc., which started as a solar power system sales company, has offered various home-related proposals from the client’s perspective, for example, reducing utility costs, painting roofs and outer walls, remodeling wet areas, etc. Currently, we focus on building diagnosis using drones and providing consultation to investors, utilizing the technology, experience and networks that we have developed over the years.
We receive many requests from real estate and remodeling companies, and insurance agents.
We are looking for business partners.
In Osaka, we have mostly investigated wide-area damage and devastated buildings caused by the 2018 Northern Osaka Earthquake and Typhoon Jebi (Typhoon Number 21).
To accommodate the growing demand, our Osaka branch was established in December 2020.
In order to further contribute to local communities, Bluetech Japan would like to participate in reconstruction activities by providing investigation reports on disasters.

Company Name Bluetech Japan Inc.
Representative Daisuke Miyagawa
Head office address 4-15-27 Kanamachi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 125-0042
Osaka branch address 3-2-21 Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka (Namba Motomachi Building 2nd floor), 556-0016
Established On March, 2012
Osaka branch start date December 1st, 2020
Business Details Aerial photography by drone, building diagnosis, real estate management, seismic retrofitting, remodeling, energy management services to reduce energy costs, and support services for trustees in bankruptcy
URL https://www.bluetec.jp/
※As of February 2021