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Businesses in Osaka

Businesses in Osaka


Anagog Ltd.

Israel-based IT startup Anagog Ltd. opens Osaka office


Israeli IT startup Anagog Ltd. provides a revolutionary Edge AI engine, JedAI, that interprets smartphone sensor data and converts them into insights about the user’s behavior, habits, and preferences in the real world. In this way, companies can create highly effective marketing campaigns and tailor-made personal engagements that significantly increase consumer experience and loyalty.

They support mobile app owners with hyper-personalized mobile engagement and help with the ever-growing battle of better-personalized consumer experience while maintaining consumer privacy.Anagog has recently opened its Osaka office.

They can help you dramatically improve your app engagement and user retention, help reduce consumer churn, and most importantly – help you benefit from anonymous analytical insights so you can take action.


Company name Anagog Ltd.
Representative Ofer Tiperman
Office address 2nd Floor, Hankyu Five Annex Building, 1-12 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City 530-0017
Sta. G5, GVH#5
Established in July 2021
Business details AI engine provider
URL https://www.anagog.com/
※As of August 2021