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DOUJIN SANGYO Co. Ltd., a specialist in semiconductor materials, opens Osaka office


We interviewed Mr. Ri Toranori, CEO of DOUJIN SANGYO Co. Ltd.



(1) Please describe your company's business.


Our company mainly handles semiconductor materials, and among semiconductor materials, we focus on difficult-to-cut brittle materials such as crystalline materials, optical glass, and fine ceramics. These materials are not limited to the semiconductor field, but are widely used in the optical and other industrial fields.
We also handle related peripheral products such as abrasive materials and wafer cases.

(2) You moved your headquarters from Kobe to Shin-Osaka in September 2022, why did you move to Osaka?

Our customer base is nationwide, so our sales base could be anywhere as long as logistics were convenient, but we decided to relocate to Osaka city in consideration of the convenience for customers to access our office, the efficiency of recruitment, and the international name recognition of Osaka.

(3) In conjunction with your relocation to Osaka, you are planning to hire personnel for your next period of growth. Can you share your thoughts on this?

Based on my previous company management experience, I believe that human resources are the most important thing at the heart of both our corporate organization and our business activities. We started our recruitment activities shortly after we relocated our office, and we plan to recruit three staff members initially.
Depending on the future development of our business, we would like to recruit more and more good talent.

(4) What work opportunities will you provide and what kind of talent would you like to hire?

We are a wholesale trading company for businesses, so the main roles will be salespeople and sales assistants. Therefore, I would like to gradually increase the number of people with a technical sales orientation and international business sense.


(5) Please tell us about your company's location, the atmosphere in the office, and how you work throughout the day?

We are about a 10-minute walk from Shin-Osaka Station (Midosuji Line), and the office has a calm and homely atmosphere. Mostly we work on computers and on the telephone, but in the morning, we handle urgent priority matters, and work on sales activities for the next project, medium- and long-term planning, and sales activities, etc. We also do some inspection and packing tasks for small products.

(6) Please tell us about the attractiveness and opportunities of working for your company from the perspective of an employee?

I think it is a great place to work for anyone who has an interest and talent in the semiconductor industry and international business. We also actively incorporate employees' ideas, and we want to actively give opportunities to those who are willing to grow. In addition, we believe that employees who have achieved results should be given the evaluation and treatment they deserve.

(7) What is your impression of the business environment in Osaka?

I think that it is a competitive city in terms of transportation and logistics infrastructure such as stations, ports and airports, and human resources.

(8) What would you like to see in Osaka in the future?

Rather than supporting and subsidizing individual companies, I want the city to strengthen measures to improve the overall business environment and support industries that will help build future industries such as the semiconductor industry. The Japanese government is also actively supporting the semiconductor industry, so I hope that the city of Osaka will also adopt policies that respond to this need.
However, since support for individual firms does not ultimately lead to the growth of competitive companies, it is important to have policies that allow the entire industry to benefit equally to be able to compete.

(9) Please give us your message for companies interested in expanding into Osaka.

Depending on the type of industry and the type of business, I think that there is a great benefit to being based in Osaka if you are a company wishing to develop your business in the Kansai region, the whole of Japan, or the wider world. In recent years, securing human resources has become increasingly difficult, but I think that Osaka is an environment where it is relatively easy to secure human resources simply because of the large population.

Company name DOUJIN SANGYO Co. Ltd.
Representative RI TORANORI
Office address 1201, Nishimiyahara 1-7-45, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan
Established in September 1, 2009
Business details Manufacture, sale, import, and export of various semiconductor materials
URL https://doujinsangyo.jp/
Published December 2022  *Information correct at the time of publication.