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Kawatek K.K.

Kawatek K.K.




Kawatek K.K. is dedicated to improving the living conditions of people around the world with disabilities and limited access to technology.

Currently, 15% of the world's population has a disability and only 1% of them have access to advanced medical technology. To address this challenge, we are working in three areas: bionics, rehabilitation, and human augmentation.

In the bionics area, we develop and provide smart, affordable bionic systems. Incorporating state-of-the-art bionic technology, AI-integrated prosthetic hands receive signals from the patient's brain and enable fine movements in a natural way.
The AI learns each time the patient uses the prosthetic hand, thereby learning to adapt the movements to the patient's features and needs.

In the rehabilitation field, the goal is to reduce costs, risks, and treatment time for patients.
We propose movements and actions that are appropriate for the patient's rehabilitation, so they reduce time, cost, and risk compared to conventional rehabilitation.

In the field of human augmentation, we are developing systems that augment human functions by utilizing biotechnology.
An example is a non-invasive artificial vision device (artificial eye). This could help blind patients regain light and expand their vision.

For product or business partnership inquiries, please contact us via the email address below.

社名 Kawatek K.K.
代表者 Miho Kataoka
住所 ATC-ITM 4-N-2, 2-1-10, Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0034 JAPAN
設立 May 2023
資本金 5 million yen
事業内容 Development and manufacture of brain wave controlled prosthetic limbs and eyes
URL https://kawatek.jp/en/
E-mail info@kawatek.jp
Posted November 2023  *Current as of time posted