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Second Heart Inc.

Medical Startup Second Heart Inc. Establishes Osaka Lab to Provide Next-Generation Diabetic Foot Care Solutions



Second Heart Inc., a Kyoto-based startup company founded in 2019, aims to eliminate diabetic foot amputations.
As the company name suggests, derived from the phrase "the foot is the second heart," Second Heart Inc., has a mission to protect the feet of diabetics and reduce amputations to zero, creating a future where people can continue to fully participate in society. The company is developing the next-generation diabetic foot care solution "Steplife" and "LYRICS" diabetic socks.
Second Heart Inc. recently opened its Osaka Lab at Garage Taisho, where they will develop VR educational content for diabetes patients and raise awareness of diabetes in Japan and around the world, leading to prevention, early detection, and appropriate treatment.


For inquiries about their products or business partnerships, please contact them via the email address below.


Company name Second Heart Inc.
Representative Yukihiro Ishida
Office address Garage Taisho, 5-8-6 Minami-Okajima, Taisho-ku, Osaka City
Establishment 2019 (Osaka Lab established in December 2023)
Capital 12 million yen
Business Prevention of diabetes complications
URL https://www.secondheart.co.jp/en
E-mail info@secondheart.co.jp
Posted February 2024  *Current as of time posted